Now more and more people want more simple to implement as the use of exposed brick wall of their house. The walls appear more ethnic and it will looks has an exotic impression.

Actually, it is not too difficult to arrange a good brick wall in a room of our house. Some things are worth noting is the degree of neatness of the installation. Also, keep in mind also is that the accuracy of the selection of perfectly shaped bricks.

luxury living room with brick wall images

Indeed, the arrangement of bricks requires skill and precision craftsmen. For that, need to be coordinated well in order to establish a rhythm pattern. Incorrect installation or placement can affect the overall look of the wall exposed.

Exposed brick walls have a natural impression, unique, and ethnic, and simple. The cost is relatively cheaper because it does not require plaster like cement walls or cast.

For maximum results, combine with natural furniture made ​​from natural stone or wood. However, exposed brick walls with stone covered with mold and mildew easily, thus requiring coating.

Keep in mind that exposed brick walls is a quickly damp walls so that a good treatment is highly recommended if you use brick wall in your house.

Here we provide some idea and design sample for you who want to apply the brick wall into one of your room in your house, there are kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, etc.

Brick wall house design

brick wall front images

elegant brick wall kitchen images

interior brick feature wall 1 images

luxury and classic brick wall bedroom images

modern and classic bedroom concept with brick wall images

modern brick wall in bedroom images

modern living room with brick wall images

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