Here we come with a modern coffee table design that looks sleek and elegant. This coffee table has a curved shape and comes with a rotating drawer in it. This table designed by Nenad Kostadinov named Push.

The rotating drawer of this coffee table can store some small things to accompany us when we have a coffee time, we can store magazine, snacks, newspaper, etc.
coffee table design images

The design of the coffee table is minimalist and modern. We can put this table in a room with a modern themed room or we can put this coffee table outdoor.

modern and elegant wooden curved coffee table images

When we open the drawer, we can see that the drawer is quite big enough to store our things in it. The drawers -with its color- make the design of this coffee table looks modern. The drawers supported by two cylinders, each of these cylinders act as the axis of rotation for the drawer.

modern curved coffee table design images