Mice is one of the biggest problem in our house. If they come to our house they can brings disease, destroy many things in our house and they will make our house as their house. There are many common way that is used to repel mice from house such as using poison, trapped the mice with glue, or be kill them instantly. But all of that way is very inhuman.

how to repel mice from house without kill images

Many people has cat in their house in order to guard their house from the mice, but many people doesn’t know that the male cat won’t hunt their food in a house, but the female cat will hunt in a house, this is from Barbara Pleasant’s book, Rodent-Proof Your House.

Here we provide some tips that collected from people around US and they already proof that these tips is working to repel mice from house. Check this out :

1. Put an empty peppermint tea box at the place where usually the ice is. You can also put some cotton with peppermint oil in the kitchen or another place where the mice usually out.If you did this, the mice will go away from your house. The most important thing is that mice doesn’t like the smell of peppermint. -Susan Womersley from Topeka, Kansas-

2. Soak cotton balls in the water with peppermint oil mixed and dried it. Then place the balls at some places where the mice usually live, such as the kitchen to the corner of the room and crevices. ”24 hours later, there will be no longer any signs of mice. -Norma Noe from Vancouver, Washington-

3. Once a month, Milton Ammel of Parker, Kansas mix a half gallon of apple cider / vinegar with 2 gallons water and spray outside the house. With this way, they had never seen a rat in a long time.

4. A strong clothing herbal fragrance also helps to repel mice. RandyOrcutt of Hillsboro, Ohio deodorizer spray around the cabinets and drawers in the house.